This is a site for Rick Line as a composer/artist/singer-songwriter

We have a big amount of pop/rock/easylistening/ballad songs in our bank. Recently we passed 2.400 original songs in different styles.

Songs with soul, mind and humanity as basic values.

Please, don´t hesitate to give us a call/mail when you need good unreleased material with good potential in your repertoare or book a gig with Rick Line and/or Touchline.!

We make songs in different genres as pop, rock, country, easy listening, ballads and latin inspired pop as well.

We´re always focusing a strong melodies and why not with a melancholy touch and words that  refects different parts of life.

Our songs have been radio aired in different countries, besides the Scandivian countries, for example in U.S. and Canada. We cooperate with good producers and musicians.

Some example will be presented on the DEMO site.


Music with soul and heart -

"Time To Leave" - a song about saying nice words of love and appreciation while you still have each other. Life can change or disappear within seconds - so don´t wait too long!

From a performance in Stockholm October 2017

Angeline (aired in Canada)

A song about raising a child and don´t protect them for everything .. am important part of life is being able to handle different kinds of problems.