A new recording project

. A new year and 2018 - the success continuesThis year has been sensational!

Second week on Number One Music a single at the Global SInger SOngwriter Chart at no. 3 !!

Among thousands of songs from singer songwriters from all over the world.

And at the Swedish Top 100 singer songwrier charts, 9 singles on top 10 (!!) Remarkable success.

This week (week 3, 2018) we have also finished three songs for our coming albim at Nox Studios, Stockholm and it sounds very promising. 

We´re very excited about this music project and all the respons from fans all over the world..



Stay Where You Are

Saxofonskolan January 28, 2018 "Something To Think About"


"Someone´s Lost In The Mist"

"New Orleans"

"A Bedtime Story / There´s Always One Morning After"

"Scotland Days"



"Every Moment"

"She´s On The Road"

"Nobody Ever Intended To Go To War"

"The Reasons Are So Many"