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19. Nov, 2017

About our basic demos

Now and then we put some basic demos on this page, just basic .. for interested bands or vocalists .. feel free to translate and write your own words - just give us a word before doing that.

As we mentioned 2.400 songs are in our catalogue ..

Contact;  tel: +46706615637 or email: 


Angeline - Touchline (Rick of Dreams)

Let Me Into Your Fire - Touchline (Rick of Dreams)

Send Them Away With A Cabincruiser

Slow It Down A Bit . Demo for development

News of The World - Demo for Development

Every Moment - Demo for Development

- about taking care of every moment - för dansbandsdiggare

Through The Years of A Lifetime - Melankoli demo for development

We Don´t Need A Reason - demo about follow your emotional instincts

I´ll Share It All With You - (3 excerpts from completely different recordings)

Complicated World - basic demo with nice U.S attention